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Pro M Tree Service loves to offer fast, safe & affordable tree service in Pleasant Hill, CA. Our responsibility is to ensure your property is clean and neat when we finish. Try our fair-priced and prompt/timely service. We count on a very professional, flexible, and diligent team.

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We Offer Our Tree Services in:

Palm Tree Trimming near Pleasant Hill, CA

Trimming and pruning your palm trees is not an easy task and needs to be done by professionals. Our highly trained team knows how to trim plants perfectly since we know that over-trimmed palms look terrible. 

So, we will remove only the heavy and damaged fronds. Trimming and pruning your palm trees prevents sickness and damage and also eliminates places for scorpions and other pests. Our expert team recommends trimming your palm trees during spring. It is better to be patient and remember that those unattractive palm fronds will protect your tree from winter and summer.

Palm trimming is a good practice to avoid wild growth. And if you don’t care for them, they will look unhealthy & unattractive. Also, the not pruned fronds will fall, which can cause unexpected accidents.

Palm Tree Trimming Service in Concord, CA

Emergency Tree Removal near Pleasant Hill, CA

We specialize in delivering 24/7 tree cutting and palm removal, providing a professional, efficient, and quick service.

When we receive an emergency call, we know that time is money. 

Our core values are:

  • Responsibility
  • Promptness
  • Hard work
  • Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Neatness
  • Commitment

Are your trees leaning dangerously? If yes, you need to call us and get our outstanding and safe emergency tree service. We will solve your problem ASAP.

Stump Grinding Service

We love to complete every job with excellence. Once you contact us to remove your trees, we will undoubtedly do stump grinding. All your stumps’ visible and exposed parts will turn into mulch in a short time.

Our impeccable stump removal service improves aesthetics, avoids accidents and inconveniences, protects plants and lawns from disease and uninvited pests, and stops stump unsightly re-growth.

As a leading tree service in Pleasant Hill, CA, we are responsive, timely, flexible & affordable.

Affordable & Safe Stump Removal Service in Lafayette, CA

We Cover 300 Miles Around Antioch, CA

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