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For responsive, timely, flexible & affordable tree service in Orinda, CA, you can hire Pro M Tree Service. You can count on our diligent team for emergency tree removal, tree planting services, palm tree trimming, and tree stump removal. We are committed to our clients & their safety is our priority. So, we perform our tasks with precision and precaution, following strict safety measures to ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

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We Offer Our Tree Services in:

Quick Turnaround from Estimate to Perfectly Trimmed Trees!

Our commitment is to our client’s satisfaction, so we guarantee that we’ll leave your yard looking fantastic.

There are a lot of plants that require constant care. That’s why our tree pruning and trimming service comes in handy.

As a leading tree company in Orinda, CA, we are responsive, timely, flexible & affordable.

After getting our free, competitive estimate, we’ll arrive at your property on time, just as you scheduled it. Then, we’ll trim your trees in a neat shape, making them beautiful once again.

Last, we’ll remove the debris and leave your property perfectly clean.

Tree Trimming Service in Benicia, CA

Communication Is Our Core Value!

Our owner handles communication with our clients. He is attentive, professional, and always keeps his word. And our staff is very responsive, genuine, accommodating & diligent with our clients.

We always give our clients additional recommendations (based on our experience and knowledge) for proper tree care. 

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Service in Orinda, CA

Pro M Tree Service offers 24/7 emergency tree removal near Orinda, CA. Also, we’ll get to your house in less than an hour. We are very professional, detail-oriented, diligent, and committed to our clients.

And since promptness is in our veins, we’ll do the job in a few hours, leaving you more than satisfied. Of course, we sometimes take 6.5 hours for extensive tree removal, with no unexpected charges or delays. We can achieve this thanks to the potent & reliable equipment we possess.

Also, we can help you with palm tree removal services. Expect from our crew excellent customer service and fair prices.

Get Our 24/7 Emergency Tree Service in Orinda, CA

Safety First: We are Skillful, Careful & Licensed!

Pro M Tree Service is a licensed & insured tree company in Orinda, CA. Part of our responsibility is to ensure you don’t have property damage. We respect your property, which is solid proof of our commitment to you!

We Offer an Efficient and safe Stump Grinding Service!

Don’t let an unsightly stump mar your property’s aesthetics or hinder your landscaping plans. Our professional stump grinding service is the solution to reclaiming your outdoor space.

Our experienced team utilizes advanced equipment to efficiently remove stubborn stumps, restoring your land’s full potential. We meticulously grind stumps below ground level, allowing for seamless lawn regeneration and normal lawn care chores.

Our eco-friendly approach ensures minimal disruption to surrounding vegetation while maintaining the integrity of your property.

Choose our stump grinding service to experience a hassle-free, prompt, and cost-effective solution to enhancing your landscape’s beauty and functionality.

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We Cover 300 Miles Around Antioch, CA

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