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Tree-Lined Driveway

A tree-lined driveway has redefined the allée (a path designed with a line of plants of the same species). The purpose of creating an allée is to trap people’s attention when they walk the entryway to your property.

Choose from our top list of 14 best options for tree-lined driveways to add majestic colors, shape & splendor to your yard.

What Is the Key to Having an Striking Tree-Lined Driveway?

What Is the Key to Having an Ideal Tree-Lined Driveway?

The key to choosing trees to line your driveway depends on several factors, such as:

  • Size at maturity
  • Root structure
  • Branches
  • Your driveway longitude
  • The cost of the species and maintenance
  • Space needs, among others.

It would be best if you made a specific choice of the prettiest species. As we know, making the decision is complex. But do not worry; we have already researched for you.

Within our compiled list of the most beautiful plants, you can explore their characteristics, physical features, pros & cons, and much more.

We will refer to their categories, structures, shades, and other characteristics of the tree species you can count on. 

Try small trees along the driveway as a general tip to create a nice tree-lined driveway.

Nature provides tons of options! But when selecting one for your tree-lined driveway, you must consider its mature spread and unique care requirements.

You need to consider the look they can provide your path to your home, making a fantastic route.

Take note of our tips:

  • A flowering plant will provide beautiful blooms in spring, majestic greenery in summer, and striking color in the fall.
  • Some specific species can give you a dramatic and welcoming feature.
  • Install a few lights to brighten your drive at night.
  • Form a beautiful canopy over your private road, giving your home tremendous curb appeal.

Top 14 Species for a Breathtaking Tree-Lined Driveway!

A. Broad Canopy

Broad canopy trees are also called shade plants. Thanks to their extensive tops, they shield the ground beneath them from sunlight. They can create an inviting feel on your driveway.

The benefits of the canopy tree species are:

  • They can help maintain low temperatures on sunny days.
  • They can lengthen the lifecycle of such roads.
  • They can serve as a shield against rain and wind.
  • They can control pollution and road noise.

We only find one disadvantage: many of these trees are deciduous. So, you need to clean the leaves during fall season.

1. Chinese Elm

Chinese Elm

Chinese elm provides magnificent shade. This is an evergreen plant, but in some regions, the color of its leaves changes in fall, turning yellow, purple, or red.

It is a fast grower and can be frost-tolerant. The bad news is that this plant is highly attacked and suffers from Dutch Elm Disease.

2. Sycamore Maple

Sycamore Maple tree

Wildlife loves maple trees for food and shelter. You can never go wrong with maples for your tree-lined driveway.

They bring to your yard beautiful shapes and colorful options. Its predictable size makes it a safe option to border your driveway reliably.

3. Birch

Birch Tree

Birch trees are a striking species with elegant white and black bark. They could benefit from shredded woodchips and bark mulch to help the soil moist and cool.

Birch is a good option if you are looking for shade. They are fast-growing and get a light-colored bark, providing more attractiveness.

B. Ornamental or Flowering Plants

Ornamental plants are a great addition, making your entry beautiful and giving you an overall appealing look. Some of them change the color of their flowers with the season. Flowers also add dimension to your path.

Flowering plants offer 4 advantages:

  • These perennials keep your private road beautiful year-round.
  • They boost the value of your property.
  • They are a natural attraction for birds. Making a dimensional scene of serenity with the bird singing.
  • Small trees and flowering plants are easy to maintain.

Also, consider these 2 cons of ornamental plants:

  • They are typically smaller, so you will get little shade.
  • You will require extra effort when their flowers drop.

Within this category, we can find species like:

4. Dogwoods

Dogwoods Tree

Dogwoods are famous for flowering in various colors, including white, pink, red, and purple. Dogwoods do best in full sun or partial shade.

5. Redbuds

Redbuds are one of the first to bloom in spring, making them an excellent choice for adding color along your roadway. They’re also relatively small and have a slow growth habit, making them easy to trim.

6. Magnolia

Magnolia Tree

This breathtaking and hefty evergreen is perfect for a vast boulevard. Magnolia trees can tolerate sunlight, but they prefer partial shade. Magnolia trees are known due to their dense foliage.

7. Crape Myrtle

These beautiful ones will pop up with color, and your lined driveway with trees will never be the same. It has unstoppable, vibrant leaves, rich foliage, and showy flowers, providing a unique style to your entry.

8. Red Maples

Red Maples Tree

The brilliant autumn color and the golden fall foliage make red maples one of the most popular species in the US.

9 Crabapple

Crabapple Tree

The crabapple has lovely, glossy leaves that deliver a heavenly color in spring. The crabapple offers white, pink, and red flowers to your lined driveway.

10. Purple Leaf Plum

Purple Leaf Plum

Purple leaf plum is your best option if you want a showy, small tree and many colors.

11. Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Tree

We save the most beautiful species for lining your path for last. These are relatively easy to maintain. Yet, they are deciduous, so you must clean the leaves in the fall. Their foliage goes from green to burgundy.

C. Evergreen

Stay green throughout the year. 

Evergreen trees offer:

  • Great appeal all year.
  • Privacy.
  • Greenery throughout the year; the best part is that leaves will never pile up like when having deciduous trees.


  • They become bushy and ragged. For that reason, you need to prune them frequently.
  • Evergreens are rugged, and getting rid of them can be challenging.

They bring beauty, privacy, and majestic shade. The best evergreens you can use for your tree-lined driveway are:

12. Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce tree

Norway spruce is an evergreen that grows at a medium to fast rate.

13. American Holly

American Holly Tree

American Holly has its own charm in its form, foliage, and beautiful red berries.

In Christianity, the Holly plant was adopted to symbolize Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns, the berries symbolizing the blood, and the evergreen as a metaphor for life. The tradition of decorating halls with Holly berries continues to date. It has indeed become a symbol of Christmas.


14. Leyland Cypress

Leyland cypress tree

Another popular evergreen choice to line your roadway is the Leyland cypress. This plant has a slender shape and produces dense blue-green foliage.

Create the Path to Your Wonderland!

When choosing the best trees to line your driveway, it’s vital to consider variables like size, growth rates, and care requirements.

But with so many great options, you should also pick a tree you love looking at and nurture it!

For planting, trimming, or tree care in general, you can contact Pro M Tree Services.

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